KG-UV920P No sound

Has anyone else had this problem or know of another forum to try?

We will help if we can but you need to give us the info on the problem. No sound? As in it had sound then stopped, or lost sound after programming, or no sound on some channels. Programming is the common one, but as if has ctcss and dcs have you accidentally engaged this? It’s a fairly new radio, so if you back the squelch off on air and does that make the usual hiss? Out of the box, it should not have anything engaged to prevent noise appearing when the squelch is backed off, so it might simply be dead on arrival. Can you expand a bit?

Hi Parker, welcome to the forum! As Paulears said, your post is too vague and we need more information. I have a KG-UV920P-A and have used it on many occasions, so I know the product fairly well. If you can provide more detail regarding the sound issue, I’m sure we can provide assistance in the forum.

How long have you had the radio?
Can you clarify what you mean specifically by “No sound”?
Does it emit voice prompts, beeps and tones but does not emit sound when receiving signals, or is there no sound at all from any speaker?
When did the issue first occur?
Did it ever work, or was it like this out of the box?
Is it connected to an antenna?
Is it currently installed in a vehicle?
Is there anything plugged into either of the 3.5mm audio jacks in the back of the radio? (There are dual external audio jacks)
Has it been programmed either through a PC or directly from the radio itself?
What is the current menu setting for the speaker output? This radio has two speakers built into the chassis and one built into the hand mic, and the output can be controlled in the menu (Menu Option 24).
Does the issue occur on one, two, or all three of these speakers?
Does it have this issue on every channel and frequency, or just specific ones?
If it worked before, what was the last thing done with it before the issue occurred?
Have you attempted to reset the radio?

As you can probably tell from this list, simply saying that it has “No sound” doesn’t really give us much to go on. Please provide as much detail as you can and we should be able to help you figure this out to get it resolved.