KG-UV920P-E problems with receive

So I have the KG-UV920P-e, brand new - problems I am having is if I am scanning - it will stop on active channel for about 1/2, no sound then keep scanning - if I stop scanning everything is fine, but goes back to skipped if I start scanning again. And it does not have dual receive - it will use both sides of the radio - but will only receive one frequency.

Wouxun support seems to have disappeared.

Anyone out their know what’s going on and how to get things working again?

That is disheartening to hear! I was considering the 9 series for Satellite work. true dual recieve is a must have!

I think that airband/AM works only in the left section. Is there frequency (or channel number) in the right and left sites of the LCD display? If there read “WOUXUN” then press button “8 tdr”.

Have You tried to change menuitem 10 (SC-REV)? I guess You have “TO”? Try to change “CO”.