KG-UV8H - Audio problems with Cross-Band Repeat

Have 2 of the new KG-UV8H, they work great except,

Noticed that when set for cross band repeat operation, the pass thru audio is very low and distorted. Tried both radios with the same result. Have a set of older KG-UV8D and no problems with either radio during cross band repeat operation. The H configured same as the D. It appears there is a problem with cross band repeater function in the newer H version that was working fine in the D version.

Anyone else having this issue ???

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I have not yet tried the cross-band repeater function on mine. I have a Kenwood TM-D710GA dual-bander that supports cross-band repeater operation so my KG-UV8H will most likely never serve in that capacity.
I hope someone else can verify the issue and help you with it.

Yes, its unusable in crossband repeater mode, sometimes I can get it to work in one direction only, but even then its less then good. A lot of noise, not just really really low audio.