KG-Q10H - Headset PTT transmitting in the wrong area

Hello, friends.

When I connect a headset to the radio in dual-channel mode, pressing the PTT transmits on the wrong channel. Instead of transmitting on the selected channel, it transmits on the other channel.

Is this normal, a defect in the radio, or did I make a configuration error? Note that neither of the channels is marked as a favorite.

Please see the examples below for clarity.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I solved the problem!

I’ll post it here to help anyone who might make the same mistake as I did. :smile:

In CPS, under the “Key Settings” tab, I changed the “PTT1” assignment to “SECONDARY” and left “PTT2” as “MAIN.” This made the headset PTT always activate the secondary channel that was programmed in “PTT1.”

I hope my experience can be useful to someone.

Best regards.


Thank you for sharing this experience Wagner! This will help us down the road if another customer calls in with a similar concern.

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