KG-935G Plus, pricey gimmick?

Well, I caved. I succumbed to the marketing hype and bought the KG-935G Plus even though I already had the KG-935G. I had a chip on my shoulder. I had only had the 935G for just over a year when they came out with the new and improved Plus version. I understand why the radios are not upgraded with a firmware update but, come on guys! I had contacted the BTR folks and asked a couple of questions. All the answers I got were what I had suspected they would be, not what I wanted them to be so I just decided I wasn’t going to spend the money.

I don’t know how it happened or when it happened but I went ahead and made them take my money and in return I received the much glamorized KG935G Plus. At first it was just Meh… A new scratch free radio which is always nice. I played with it. I used the channel wizard a little. Lots of new screen themes, but they still didn’t have an all red on black theme. And then, as I was getting ready for a trip and programming the 935G+ with all of the repeaters and stuff for the trip I was again disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t copy stuff from my regular 935G software and copy it to the 935G+ software, and yes, I know there are things on the + that are not on the original G. And yes, I know you can use Chirp unless of course your laptop is 12 years old like mine. So I programmed over 300 channels that I had already programmed onto the old 935G into the 935G+.

If you made it this far I’m sure you noticed it sounds gripey and negative.

And then I left on the cross 1/2 country road trip. The added volume on the + meant I could actually hear the radio at highway speeds. When I found a new repeater I easily added it to the + using the wizard thingy. And boy howdy! I love the USB-C charging port on the battery! I had purchased an extra USB-C battery to use with the old version so I didn’t even pack a charging cradle!

The KG-935G Plus, with all of it’s fancy new bells and whistles actually made a difference. I really enjoyed the radio on a trip I had made twice before with the older version. One of my favorite improvements was the increase in volume. I’m an old guy and seems like when ever I see something that is new and improved it just means it now costs more. But not this time. While the KG-935G is a great radio and I still use it, the Plus version IS an improvement, and, to me, is worth the slightly higher price.

KG-935G Plus? That right there is one nice radio! Of course, as always, YMMV.

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