KG-935G Plus Channel Knob

Have really enjoyed this radio so far as my introduction to GMRS/Amateur radio. Now, I’ve had a Yaesu FT-60R for a few years, but never did anything with it until after I got the KG-935G Plus. Licensed for both GMRS and Ham Technician’s now.
One gripe I have with the KG-935G Plus is the channel selector knob. The only comparison I can make with it is the same channel knob on the FT-60R.
Both radios cost me about the same. The quality - solidness, heft - of both radios is similar, but the channel selector know on the KG-935G Plus leaves a lot to be desired.
The same knob on the FT-60R is one turn equals one frequency or memory channel. No matter how fast I turn that know, the ratio is always one to one.
On the KG-935G Plus, that is not the case. If I turn the channel selector knob slowly, then yeah, it’s one channel per one turn. But any faster than that and the channels can’t keep up with the knob turning. This may be overly picky, but that one aspect really makes the build of the FT-60R shine.
I was going to purchase two KG-Q10H’s or KG-UV9PX’s, but if they suffer from the same issue, I will pass.

When you buy something, its personal choice, and if they do something you dont like, its fine to not buy it. Ive got an FT-60, and while its a fine radio, i always use something else. The reason? Stumpy fingers!

I have the 935G Plus and never really noticed how the channel knob works as I don’t have anything with which to compare. Also I use the up and down buttons 99% of the time. I sold my Yaesu ham radios as I didn’t use them. The 935G is now my favorite radio. I hope you find something you enjoy using.