KG-935G added feature

I was following a thread on another forum regarding the KG-935G and a specific menu option (menu #53 SIM-RX). I have been using my 935G almost daily since I bought it in August of 2021 and I don’t have the SIM-RX option.

I emailed Buy Two Way Radios and they answered in less than a day. They explained that option was added by Wouxun in March of this year after the user guides had been printed. It is a firmware change and they stated there is not an option at this time to do a firmware update.

This isn’t a big deal to me but it is a handy feature. I was listening to two different county sheriff departments during a wildfire emergency last week using the TDR. At times I was receiving transmissions from both departments at the same time. I am assuming enabling the SIM-RX option would prevent that. So, just a heads up to folks that have the KG-935G to check and see if you have menu option #53 SIM-RX, especially if you bought your radio after March 2022.

Thanks to Buy Two Way Radios for their quick email response and explanation. The 935G is a great radio.


I have had the KG-935G for a couple of weeks now. Very impressive radio. It has the SIM-RX setting. I have no idea what it is for. thanks. Bill WRTU233/ AB9QU.