Kg-935 & kg-s88g

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Our little mountain town just got over 5 feet of snow in 3 days and most people in my small area are snowed in. We lost power for three days, got it back for 7 hours, and then lost it again for another 26 hours. During that time cell service was working. I spent one day with other neighbors trying to open up driveways and move some downed trees. Everyday I would leave the house to get a vehicle unstuck or try to clear a path to the wood shed or start and stop the generator, etc. Instead of using cell phones to keep in touch with my wife we used our GMRS handhelds. I also used them to stay in contact with other family near by. I found it much easier to use the radio than a cell phone with gloves on and in heavy snow. My wife even said she was glad we have them. One neighbor was inquiring about the radios. We share a well so it would be nice for him to have one as today I needed him at his house while I got the well pump and system thawed and restarted after getting power back. Our radios may be a fun to have tool/gadget , but, they are a great tool to have when you need them.

What I didn’t add was that the two radios I used were the KG-935 which I left with my wife, and the KG-S88G which I kept with me. My wife isn’t a radio person and was worried about pushing the wrong button so I just locked the keyboard. I ended up locking the keyboard on the KG-S88G because I found myself changing things while wearing heavy gloves. I really like the size of the S88G and the IP67 rating as it got dropped in the snow several times. Being a little smaller and even the less bendy short antenna made putting it in a coat pocket easier. I am half deaf and it was loud enough for me to hear when in a pocket. These radios have proven to be excellent pieces of equipment. In my opinion they are worth what I paid for them and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy either again.

This was a little long winded but I thought I would try to share something positive and real world. YMMV



Sean, your post wasn’t long winded at all. It was very informative! After seeing this massive snow event in California and other Western States, on tv, I would imagine those with GMRS radios are finding them to be very handy, even possibly lifesaving.
Remote cell sites do have diesel powered generators as a grid backup during commercial power outages. However, they require refueling which would be impossible considering the amount of snow.
GMRS will probably be seriously looked at, as a viable option, after this storm has passed. Unfortunately, more is on the way☹️

Depending on cellular, during any kind of an emergency, is a poor and regrettable choice.
Now that almost everyone has only a cellphone, ANY little “event” creates site overload, and the inability to complete a call.
I’m glad you and your wife are making it ok, and wish you both the very best.

Tom. WRQE346

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