KG-905G DT/QT Indicators

Page 14 of the KG-905G manual shows a DT/QT indicator at the bottom-left corner of the radio’s display. However, it is not discussed anywhere else in the manual that I could find. Further, it never seems to be displayed under any circumstance on my KG-905G. Does anyone know what these mean and under what circumstance I should see them displayed? Thank you.

I think the DT/QT show up when you are actively performing a tone scan. DT - DCS tone, QT- CTCSS (Quiet tone) tone. This is just from a faint memory so there is a good chance I am remembering incorrectly. Hopefully some one will correct me. I gave my 905G to a family member. It is a solid performing radio.

Thank you, maybe someone can confirm or correct, but that sounds reasonable.