KG-805G Programming utility TROJAN?

Anyone else getting this from Windows 11 security?
Dave WRHW845

I had similar with another Kenwood utility when the write to file routines were misidentified, but I don’t know how you get around it in Windows 11, without temporarily turning off the protection.

Thanks, Paul.
I used the “Remove” routine in the Windows Security Tool and deleted the remaining files & folder.
I then performed a “Full” Virus & Threat Scan with all my external drives, MicroSD, and thumb drives plugged in. It appears to have cleaned it.

I’m by no means an expert, but a friend, more knowledeable than I says that as radio programming involves writing routines, they get misidentified as dangerous - in a way, software that does what CPSs do is a bit odd? My virus protection grabs these things and sends them for inspection, which always comes back as fine. It doesn’t seem as common on the old prolific 232 driver that caused other issues, but now that’s less common, the new problem appears to be worse.

Perhaps, as they find vulnerabilities in the computer operating system and work around them, no ew techniques and standards are developed in the software realm. It would take some time for the driver developers to “catch up”, and change their routines to confirm to the new standards. I know I had an issue with that driver and had to do a workaround to get it to work with Win11.