kenwood vs baofeng

I work in the Security industry and we use PMR radios specifically Kenwood TK-3301. I have bought a little cheap radio a Baofeng UV-5r to have my own personal radio which I can take with me on tasks which I know won’t have a missing belt clip or half an antenna due to misuse.

I would like to tune this little Baofeng into the PMR Kenwood frequency channels 1 to 16. I have a basic understanding of UHF/VHF and programming radios. I am aware I will be able to find and listen only to these channels but will not be able to transmit until I match the CTCC code

My question is would any member have the actual frequency chart for the Kenwood TK-3301 channels 1 to 16 including CTCC codes, I have tried searching but with no luck

Many thanks in advance

Are you in the UK, so it is an TK-3301E

I assumed it would be easy to find out what the spec is, but Kenwood say it is the 8 standard PMR446 frequencies - but duplicated with different tones - so each channel is used twice. I eventually found it

This shows the tones and the frequencies. The Google search term I used was TK-3301 and the link 5 entries down.

Rather an unresponsive web site, and also not in English, so not that useful really?

What makes these better than kenwood or Baofeng then? An unknown brand at the very cheap end of the product range, with no information I can find on the net?