Kenwood TK3300 vs. TK3131

So I get this e-mail about this TK3300 radio. Since the TK3131 has been discontinued, I have been in search of a replacement. I use the TK3131 as a bike (i.e motorcycle) to bike communications system. This new radio, the TK3300 has a few things on it I like. First and foremost, the removable antenna as I would like to use the bike mounted antenna (UHF specific).

Also, since this is piped into my helmet, the twin connection will have to be the same dimensions and design in the TK3300 vs. the TK3131. I know engineers love to screw with you and change the dimensions of things just 1/8th of an inch so that your old connections won’t function.

Last but not least, I use a TK3131 off the bike. I want to be sure this radio will work with the TK3131 transparently.

The question is to the guru’s here… and that prolly all of you guys… Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is the TK3300 that much different than the discontinued TK3131? :confused:

Thanks in advance…

This being a GMRS forum, it may be of note that the TK3300 is not legal for use on GMRS, not being part 95 certified, only part 90.


Name of Grantee: Kenwood USA Corporation

Equipment Class: Licensed Non-Broadcast Transmitter Held to Face
Notes: UHF FM Portable Transceiver

RuleParts FrequencyRange Output FreqTolerance EmissionDesignator
90 450.0 - 470.0 2.0 2.5 PM 16K0F3E
90 450.0 - 470.0 2.0 2.5 PM 11K0F3E

My bad… I meant the TK3302… <sigh> that’s what I get for running shortcuts.

I talked with the guys at the store… Great bunch… VERY knowledgeable. I think I got what I was after… and I plan to hang around here now and again…

Thanks for the input and visits…