Kenwood TK 3401D


Hopefully this is where my question belongs.

my tk 3401D is acting weird, now when i turn it on it gives a beep intermittent signal 3 per second. When I’m on analog I can send but not receive, digital it can not send and receive. What could be the reason.

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Assuming you can reprogram it I’d try a reset to
restore the transceiver to factory settings - but don’t try this if you do not have the programming cable and software. You sure the battery pack hasn’t failed or the charger isn’t faulty?

1 With the transceiver power OFF, press and hold the PTT switch, the Side 1 key, and the Side 2 key while turning the transceiver power ON.
Continue to hold the keys for 2 seconds, until the LED lights orange.

2 Release the keys. The transceiver beep sounds and returns to normal operation. If the keys are released before the LED lights orange, All Reset Mode will cancel

Best. I’ve already tried this and nothing changes.

That’s suggestive of a real fault then - do you have another radio you could at least swap battery packs with?

Hi, I’ve already done that but maybe I can test the battery with an older one. I also bought a new programming cable to rule this out.