Kenwood TK-3302 Problem


I’m new to the world of radios and i’m looking some advice from any experts out there. I’ve recently purchased a few second hand Kenwood protalk radios for security work. Basically I have 5 radios in total. I have 4 TK-3301 models and 1 TK3302 model. I was told that all 5 will work together dispite the model number difference. I can neither transmit nor receive from the TK3302 and all models have been charged fully and have been set to the same channel number. I notice that when I turn the TK3302 model past channel 9 there is a continuous bleep sound and the led turns orange. This occurs on all channels from 9 upwards.

f anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated.

Sounds to me like the 3302 may have been reprogrammed at some point. If you are getting a beeping sound on any channel, that usually means that channel is blank, with no frequencies programmed into it. Have you tried doing a factory reset on the 3302?