Kenwood TK-3131 vs Newer Consumer Radios


Is anyone here familiar with the Kenwood TK-3131? This was a higher end GMRS radio from a few years back. It’s still shown on the site, but apparently now discontinued (?) I understand it did a pretty nice job and alot of people have used them out on the road with motorcycles and such. Just wondering how the communication range on this model would compare to a newer consumer radio like the Cobra CXR925 or Midland GXT1000?



No, But you could look a this product from Icom, it seem comparable:

I just saw, it only FRS.

There also this midland radio with a good sensitivity and a 5 years waranty:

The Icom IC-4088A is being phased out. We generally don’t carry it in stock but we can special order it if you really want it. Keep in mind that Icom no longer offers the batteries and chargers for it so that is important to consider before choosing that model.

We do carry the Midland GXT5000, however it is currently not available due to the flooding in Thailand. We expect Midland to resume shipping it sometime in June.

Thank a lot for the update.
What your recommendation for good GMRS ?

I have heard of that, want to get one as a gift

BTW, I did end up finding some Kenwood TK-3131’s to test out. My conclusion: Great build quality but unexceptional performance given the high price & brand name. I would rate these as good or perhaps slightly better than the Motorola EM1000R’s I’ve used, which appear to be the older version of the current MR350R’s. In the end, I sold the Kenwoods and kept some Cobra PR900DX’s (awesome range) and one of the Motorolas because of it’s excellent build quality and very useful built-in LED light!