Kenwood TK-3131 compatibility

My friend has a Kenwood UBZ-LF14 FRS radio. I used to have the same FRS radio and used a Kenwood EMC-3 mic and earphone. I gave the UBZ-LF14 away but still have the EMC-3 mic/earphone. Two questions.

  1. The TK-3131 and the UBZ-LF14 have the same frequency for channels 1-7. Is there any reason the UBZ-LF14 and TK-3131 would not be able to communicate with each other on channels 1-7?

  2. Will the EMC-3 work with the TK-3131 for transmit and receiving?

Good news! The Kenwood TK3131 and UBZ-LF14 are fully compatible (on channels 1-7) AND your EMC-3 will work with the 3131. The EMC-3 has recently been replaced with the KHS-26, but the connector is identical.