Kenwood TK-2100


I’m trying to find out what radios I can legally use on the MURS band. Does anyone here know if the Kenwood TK-2100 is an acceptable model for this? As far as I can tell from the brochure, this older unit from Kenwood is FCC part 90 & 95 accepted and operates at a maximum of 2 watts.

Thanks for any help.


Yes this radio is type accepted for MURS use.

There was a fellow who sold used units pre-programmed for MURS a couple years ago for around $49/each. You can now find them in eBay for about the same price.

I have used a TK-2100 on MURS (VHF) hooked up to an external antenna and gotten BETTER range than a 35w UHF radio in my area. I live in a valley with lots of forest and trees.