Kenwood TH-K4 Transceiver

Hi all,

Im wondering if any one could help me please? Ive recently bought a second hand Kenwood TH-K4 Transceiver and want to programme it in to my frequency that i use for all my business comms. The frequency is VOF 169.125 CT code 107.2.

Ive read the manual and it says that it only goes between frequency 400.000 and 465.000. Does any one know if im able to programme in my frequency at all? Or am i onto a loser and bought something that wont work for my business?

Hope you dont mind me asking. Many thanks

It sounds like you have a UHF radio but a VHF frequency and unfortunately that isn’t going to work. Your radio only allows operation in the 400-465 MHz range, but your frequency is 169.125 MHz.

When shopping for a radio, just be sure that it says that it supports VHF frequencies and you should be OK.