Kenwood radio in a Motorola case

Would it be possible to take the guts of a Kenwood NX3320 digital UHF and put them in a Motorola XTS 5000 case?
If so how could this be done? Thanks all!

I’m sure if you had a means to completely redesign everything…sure it could be redone. But other than that, no.

What’s wrong with the case it’s in now?

Sounds like a case of either wanting to make it look more upmarket, or maybe the Kenwood case is a better quality item?

Irrespective of why, yes it’s entirely possible if you’re prepared to do any necessary work required to a) make the guts fit (most) and rewire the Moto’s control wiring to suit that of the Kenwood unit (which isn’t always as simple as you’d want to believe).

In fact, you’d be stick between the devil’s of wholesale moving guts and hardware from the Moto and fitting them into a gutted Kenwood, or adapting connections (front panel control and display) from the KenW to hookup correctly to the Moto board.

And there lies another hidden aspect, where it’s simple breakout wiring you’re in with a bit of effort but doable.

However, if the CT module of host radio differs in what it expects I/O protocol and data wise from that the donor radio’s CT and main board uses, then you’re into the dark magic of logic translation etc, in such an instance, you’ll be wanting to potentially get familiar with MC/PL devices or building logic arrays from discrete chips. You see a lot of control panel modules in electronics use i2C or SPI or uart type communication between MB and CT using probably no more than two wires and a ground best case.

So yes, having transplanted and repurposed a lot of old electronics, as long as you’re not attempting the impossible and trying to redefine physics, it’s possible to do almost any electronics transplant. Whether the reason makes sense or is anything less than a crazy what-if exercise is another story entirely.