Kenwood ProTalk XLS TK-3130

Is a Kenwood ProTalk XLS TK-3130 FRS/GMRS compatible or can it be programmed to be? I’m looking at a used Kenwood ProTalk XLS TK-3130 for bike to bike communication. Thats the only thing it will be used for.

We can program that for you and “turn” it into a TK 3131 (GMRS) radio for you. The 3130 cannot use FRS channels though. Once programmed we cannot undue the change. If you want us to do this for you, give us a call: 1-800-584-1445

Hi Jeff,
Whats the charge for programming?

If you buy the radios from us, programming is free. (We offer free lifetime programming on all radios we sell.) If you purchase it elsewhere, then the cost tends to be around $20 + shipping charges.

Does this make it a 15 channel radio just like the 3131? I believe the 3130 is only a 2 channel radio.

It will have 15 channels. Some radios have the number of channels set by hardware/design and some are just by programming. The Kenwood 3130 is limited by the programming.

Thanks Jeff. I’ll give you a call later this week about getting my radio programmed.

Is there a replacement or solution from kenwood for replacement of the freetalk xls tk-3131 that supports both frs and gmrs? What is the story here? Has kenwood permanently exited this market?

Kenwood and Icom both have stopped making FRS/GMRS radios.