Kenwood nexedge 800 help!

New to the whole radio scene, so forgive me in advance this is a whole new world for me! I recently picked up an nexedge nx800 radio to throw in my jeep for when I got out on the trails with my buddies. Does anybody have experience with these radios?

I’m not familiar with this particular unit, but it seems an awful lot of radio just for communicating with your off-road buddies. May I ask why you chose this particular radio?

It also brings up other questions: What radios are your buddies using? What frequencies do you anticipate operating on? Do you and your friends have the appropriate licenses?

Using two-way radio is not just a matter of buying a radio and talking on it. in the US, radio is regulated by the FCC. Some services require obtaining a license, either by taking an examination (amateur) or purchase (GMRS, LMRS), others are “licensed by rule,” meaning as long as you follow the rules, you can operate (CB, FRS, MURS.) Radios are manufactured with specific services in mind, especially since the FCC sets certification standards for radios. Radios are usually intended for use on only one service although some will work on more than one service.