Kenwood Nexedge 720 issue

Hoping some of the Kenwood experts can assist here.

I have this issue with my Nexedge that I’ve been unable to resolve. I suspect it is a setting somewhere but I cannot figure it out.

When switching the radio on, it will not receive any transmissions until I ptt the radio first.

It’s as if it is in some sort of "do not disturb mode. Once I ptt it, it receives signal on all programmed frequencies.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

I really hope somebody answers this I have this issue on two radios one a nexedge and another Kenwood, an older analogue one. It’s def in the code plug as using an older one cures it, but the trouble doesn’t appear in the others, using the ‘dodgy’ one. Driven me mad.

Its driving me mad and I’m also at my wits end.

All our vehicles has radios in them, but now I cannot reach my son at times because he forgets to ptt the radio before he drives off.