Kenwood GRMS Radio Help


I know nothing at all about radios, but would like to buy one to talk to my friends. They are using Midland grms radios and need to be able to talk to these radios.

I have been offered some Kenwood Radios for a very cheap price, but I do not know if they are GRMS, can someone please help me with this.

One is a Kenwood TH-78E Dual Bander Hand Held Radio, and the other type is a Kenwood TK-3201 Two way radio

Thank you for the help.

The TH-78E is an amateur radio transciever, and may not be used for GMRS.

The TK-3201 is a PMR446 radio service unit, and it is not on GMRS frequencies, it is on a similar service to FRS in some non-USA countries.

Thank you very much for the help, how about a kenwood tk-360G, from what I can see that might be a GMRS? Is that correct?

I am unable to locate the FCC ID for the TK-360G, so I can’t tell. It’s possible it is type accepted for GMRS, but due to companies renumbering radios, it’s sometimes hard to identify the number they were actually submitted to the FCC under.

If you can find the FCC ID number of a radio, I can check it.

For Kenwood, it should start with ‘ALH’.