Keep the Motorola T7200 or get the Midland GXT-850?

I have been using the Motorola T7200 over the last couple of years and while it’s a nice radio, it’s kind of bulky to carry around. I have been able to get an honest 5 miles out of this radio when testing to a location from a valley to the top of a hill. It does everything I need, but I wish it were smaller.

I was wondering if the Midland GXT-850 (or the new GXT-900) would be smaller and lighter than the T7200, and have the same range and power?

If you had a T7200, would you upgrade?

I guess the answer is to keep the Motorola T7200.

Thanks for your help :confused:

The Midland GXT900VP4 is a more powerful radio, but it is a little bulky as well due to it being made “waterproof”. If you’re looking to downsize, the Midland GXT720VP3 is slightly smaller and lighter than the GXT900, but still has decent range.