Just Wondering

Is there a two way radio that has FM radio plug-in capabilities? I’ve been looking at Midland two ways with helmet headsets for motorcycle communication for both rider to passenger and rider to rider. Any advice here appreciated.

I’m not sure what you mean by “FM radio plug-in capabilities”. Do you mean that the sound from the radio comes through your car speakers?

There are no radios that actively advertise this feature, or even provide tips for how to make it work. With a Midland radio and a little creativity, you would probably be able to get something to work. The accessory connector for Midland radios use two pins, one for the speaker and one for the mic. The speaker pin is a standard 3.5mm port, exactly like a headphone port on an iPod or MP3 player. I have never tested this, but I imagine that an FM transmitter with a 3.5mm input, like for an MP3 player, would accomplish what you are looking for. Some cars even have a direct radio input for this type of connector.

If you get this working, please come back and let us know!