Just joined today


Just joined. I like to work on radios so i figured i would check this forum out.

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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome aboard. A lot of nice people here, some with radio problems and others offering solutions and helpful advice.
If you’re into GMRS, then this is the place to be. Latest reviews on the latest radios.
Tom, WRQE346

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Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading your posts and questions.

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Thanks! A bit more about me… I have been wanting to get into GMRS for a while. I have my ham license, and I also work 11m, but my better half does not want to get a ham license, so I figured on putting GMRS in our vehicles and house. It will be nice not hitting drive through canopies in town with my 11m antenna! I still need to get a license for GMRS, but as of now, I havent even purchased the radios yet. I would love to use some of the existing radios I have, but I am not sure if the type acceptance covers them for GMRS. I have some old motorolas and kenwoods that I’ve taken off the business band and used on amateur frequencies and I would really like to use my TK-805D (as it has the field programmer chip in it) for GMRS. Gotta see if thats legal to do first…

Other than that, I do have a little experience with electronics and building antennas. I do have an old UHF celwave duplexer that I would like to use for a gmrs repeater, but thats a project for summer. I will hopefully have my GMRS license by then.