Issue with mixed FRS & GMRS usage

I have 6 two way radios, 4 Midland FRS/GMRS (2 GTX795 and 2 GTX1000) and 2 Motorola FRS only (2 FRS60). I am having a issue receiving on the FRS60s from any of the GTXs. I can transmit from the FRS60s to the GTXs fine, just can’t receive. They do work fine talking to each other though, so they are working. I have tried a couple of channels, including 8, but get the same result. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong ?

Just a guess, but maybe something to do with privacy codes?

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If they are all on the same channel, chances are it’s a privacy code issue, as backwoodsman said. Check all six of the radios and turn off the privacy codes (interference eliminator codes) on each one, then try it again.

Privacy Code WAS the issue. I had it off on the Midland’s, but I eventually figured out the Motorola’s were on Code 1, not 0 (ie. Off) and how to change it. Thanks for all the help.

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