Is there any other MURS frequenices

Just like is there other MURS
Frequenices to talk on ?
Mostly the other 2 frequenices
Is business and where Walmart
Chat but business frequenices is nothing but talk about firing and employees and supervisors and corporate charters is there any more
Murs frequenices to talk on?
I have my MURS radio on scan
But someone out there is keying thier Mic but no answer.

There are five MURS frequencies. You can talk on any of them, assuming you have the right equipment and follow the rules. Walmart doesn’t own any exclusive rights on any MURS channels.
If someone is “jamming” a channel with an open mic, there are ways to track down the violator.


Business radio ewwww
All you hear is corporate chatter and money talk and lay offs
Don’t survivalist use MURS radio?