Is MURS radio is still in.use

Is MURS radio is being used
And how you get NOAA weather on
a MURS radio?

Murs is used today for many different things so YES it is being used. However MURS and NOAA are on completely different Frequencies and unless your radio has the capability of receiving both frequency allocations most Murs radios do not have Noaa channels on them.

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As far as I know, retevis seems to have launched a murs radio with NOAA weather function on amazon

I wouldn’t call them different bands with the highest MURS channel only being less than 8 MHz from the lowest NOAA channel (both VHF). I would say, in a traditional sense where MURS was marketed by some manufacturers for warehouse solutions so NOAA reception wasn’t a typical need.

At least I can get fm radio with my MURS radio just today I heard some employer chewing out the security guard.

Why not use the UHF radio solution with better penetration in the warehouse?

Incidentally, Wouxun just released a mobile MURS radio, the KG-1000M. It’s available now.

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Now market it as “the new CB” and you’ll be golden.

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How is MURS radio the new CB you can’t talk to.truckers with MURS radio

On 1 frequency must be business I heard walmart employer going to fire 1 of the security guards