Is it possible to adjust the frequensies on the Garmin Rino series?

Dear someone!
Im planning on ordering a Garmin Rino 650 from the glorious US.
I live in Norway and here we use totaly different frequensies for hunting, therefore im totaly dependent on the possibility to change the frequensies of the channels on the 2-way radio in the Rino.

Can anybody help me find out if its possible to this or not?

Greetings from the US! Unfortunately this is not possible. The Garmin radio’s are all preset to the FRS/GMRS channels and cannot be changed. Sorry.

oh… thanks. No reason to be sorry. Just saved 419$
A nordic version is on its way but it will cost more than 700$!!
Typical Norwegian style, everthing cost twice as much or more. Like cars; a volvo v70 with european engine(2.0/125bhp) is close to 80 000 $.
Anyhow… thanjs again for your help and good luck with all the cruel weather these days, its terrible to watch it on the news.

Take care

Don’t know Norwegian laws but the following radio is frequency progrmmable with a removeable antenna. It isn’t a gps with a tracking feature, but From what I hear the tracking feature in the garmin rino is only good a little further than you can shout. The radio below is programmable to the frequencies your buddies use and more. In the US you can also program marine and weather channel into it.

Wouxun KG-UV6D Handheld 136-174 MHz/ 400-480 MHz Dual Band Two Way Transceiver