Is it legal to broadcast traffic advisory and accident on GMRS frequency?

Hi please help me on this.

I was transmitting a traffic advisory and accident on ch15 (462.550) and someone came on the air and told me that I’m violating an FCC rule. Can someone confirm that I’m violating a rule? I was transmitting the advisory from a CHP app over the air

Well technically speaking broadcasting anything is illegal ( as this is a term used for one way communications) and trying to tell others about a traffic alert is technically broadcasting but I have never heard of an FCC person running down the freeway after truckers on CB giving out tickets for doing the same thing.

Regulations of the FCC specifically authorize that. In a pertinent part: 47 CFR
§ 95.1731 Permissible GMRS uses…

(b) One-way communications. The operator of a GMRS station may use that station to transmit one-way communications:

(1) To call for help or transmit other emergency communications;

(2) To provide warnings of hazardous road conditions to travelers; or,

(3) To make brief test transmissions.

(c) Travelers assistance. The operator of a GMRS station may transmit communications necessary to assist a traveler to reach a destination or to receive necessary services.

Technically, I think you’re in the wrong here if you were “broadcasting” other audio. Still, it’s not hard: just state the same thing in your own voice and you’d accomplish the same thing. “This is (callsign) informing those listening that the following traffic advisory has come out from CHP…” and state the news. Now, you’re not “broadcasting”, you’re just transmitting a message. Will be interesting if I get flamed - possible my suggestion isn’t kosher, but I think it is.


I think your suggestion is a reasonable and acceptable procedure for forwarding traffic advisory messages.

If your going to do that
Than you need a cb radio and go.on the truckers channel 19

I want to clarify what is being done here. I was reading through a traffic advisory and thought of the area where I’m at try to let the people know to stay away from a certain area due to a vehicle accident that’s what I did I did not broadcast any other audio transmission other than my voice. I appreciate the response