Is DMR just too hard for some hams?

I’m noticing a bit of a trend - some hams are buying DMR radios and are hardly computer literate - Today the conversation went like this.

The radio I bought, it won’t program.
OK - lets see if we can help, have you managed to read from the radio?
Do I need to use that software you sent?
Yes - you run the software and connect the USB cable to the socket under a flap - you need a little screwdriver, remove the crosshead screw and the cable fits the socket.
Yes - I’ve done that. It still won’t program.
Have you read the radio?
How do I do that?
Press the read button on the screen and the contents of the radio will load into the computer.
It says it’s a different model.
That’s because you haven’t read the radio yet - when you do, it will change.
Now what?
I sent you a codeplug to use as a template - the one I use here
What do I do?
Press open, navigate to that file and load it in - then write it to the radio
Have you opened it and can see the details? Look in the contacts and zones
There are frequencies in there but that’s not my repeater
No they are my repeater - you need to remove my one and insert yours
What are they?
I don’t know - what its your repeater?
I’m very confused.
No problem - give me a ring in the morning and I’ll go through it with you
Talk tomorrow - bye

Ten minutes later ebay say a customer wants to return a faulty radio
Reason? The fan doesn’t work. The fan comes on when you transmit and it starts to get warm. With no frequencies in the radio …

These people have passed a test. Yet they assume they can buy a radio with no knowledge of computers, CPS software and the basics of DMR in terms of colour codes, slots and zones and get up and running with no effort, no research and no knowledge.

I don’t mind giving refunds, but sometimes I do wonder if people are just too dim for DMR?

I agree. As an amateur radio operator, you are expected to know how to operate your equipment. This is a highly technical hobby. If you don’t have the aptitude for it, perhaps it isn’t the right hobby for you.