Is a License required? 400-470Mhz 5W 3.7V


A friend of mine recently brought a cheap set of 2 way radios to be used in a small business to keep in touch during events.

There was no mention of requiring a license from where he purchased the radios and asked me if I could find out for him, hence I am asking the question :slight_smile:

I did try searching online but couldn’t find anything definitive so I would be very grateful for your advice.

Location of use: East Sussex, UK
Frequency Range 400 - 470Mhz
RF Rated Power <= 5W
Channel Capacity 16
Operated Voltage 3.7V

Lastly it would be really helpful to have a reference source I can print off from rather than saying to my friend someone online told me :smiley:

Thanks in advance for your help



Hi Colin, welcome to the forum!

We are based in the US and an FCC license is required for the use of frequencies on the business radio band here. Some of our members are in the UK and can probably answer your question about licensing in your country more accurately. As for links, the one that you will most likely need is to OFCOM, which is the regulatory agency in your country similar to the FCC here. You should be able to find the information you need about rules and licensing in printed form.

What you need is to look on the Ofcom site - business light or suppliers light and you will find the licence is ?75 for five years and has a small list of available frequencies you can use. It’s possible to do it all on line. Google finds it.