Interview With Olympia

The latest episode of The Two Way Radio Show features an exclusive interview with Francisco Galan, International Sales Manager for Giant International, the manufacturer of Motorola Talkabout and Olympia FRS and GMRS two way radios.

TWRS-96 - Talking With Olympia

We also review the Olympia SB5500 Portable Charger With Solar Panel.

Glad the idea of 900 Mhz FHSS was brought up. Too bad they shot down the idea for consumers. Would be great to see someone make a consumer grade 900 radio. I love my TriSquare radios. I’ve used them for years with no issues.

I really can’t believe their statements when the range claim issue was brought up.

I was hoping they would be open to the idea of a consumer 900MHz radio as well, but I also understand the reason for not pursuing it. The radios are more expensive to manufacture than FRS/GMRS radios and the consumer market for a 900MHz FHSS radio isn’t big enough to support it. Trisquare tried it and it put them out of business.

The business market, on the other hand, is larger and Motorola is banking on it with their new DLR radios. While they are considerably more expensive and they are not specifically aimed at consumers, they are license free 900MHz FHSS radios and can be used by anyone.

That is an option… for now, my TriSquare units are fully functional. I find them highly effective in area where frs/gmrs congestion makes those radios unuseable.