Interpretation (Translation) System

Hey all

first post here so please dont be harsh :slight_smile:

basically i am a member for a chinese church and i have been asked to sort out the translation system. We have got some members in the church who doesnt understand chinese so we always have someone translating to them.

Since we are growing rapidly we all decided to have wireless headsets for translation (similar to the UN). At the moment we cant afford infra-red and the FM transmitter is a no no in the uk because of the law

so i guess the only thing i can think of are walkie talkies/2 way radios

any recommendations on what to get… basically we have one person tranmitting upstairs while the listeners will be downstairs. our budget is about $800 and we have about 15 listeners and 1 translator

i hope this makes sense



You might want to look at these radios:

They are basic GMRS/FRS radios and they have desktop chargers.

You can use these headsets for the listeners:

This headset will work for the translator: