Internally programmable Mobile Radio??

Hi there, looking for some advice!

I currently use Tait TM8110 Mobile Radios, the unit is great but where I work the Ofcom issued frequencies change on a weekly basis, this means I have to programme the Radios via Laptop on site which is a pain.

Does anyone know of a Radio where I can programme in the Frequencies, tone etc on the actual unit, without needing a PC?

Many Thanks!

Probably easiest to buy a ham based product - I have a Yaesu 7900 that can be programmed very quickly from the microphone. If OFCOM allocate you specific frequencies on an event by event basis, this would be the simplest, and they won’t be worried by type approval in these circumstances - I’m guessing you’re using a PMSE type licence?

That’s ideal really - thanks for the recommendation.

Yes using PMSE licences.