Intermediate radio user needs help cxt595 radio issue

hello everyone im having an issue with my cobra CTX595… im not new to radios but i am having an issue nun the less…one day at work i was messing around with my radios settings attempting to get my cobra to communicate with the work radios. it didnt work but i really dont care about that my real issue is now i cannot communicate with any other walkie talkies… i have friends i drive with from time to time and we use these radios to talk during the drive. they are not using the same radio as me just basic radios with no privacy codes dcs or ctcss. i can see on the radio i am broadcasting but they cannot hear me… i can however hear them… on my radio i can see dcs is on and can disable it but by only enabling ctcss. i belive i need both codes off so that i can talk back and forth with them but cannot figure out how to do this. please i need help i spent good money on this radio and love it but this issue is killing me!!

First, welcome to the forum!

Generally speaking the Cobra CTX models, you need to set the privacy codes for both CTCSS and DCS to 00 to turn them off. the double zero setting isn’t a tone or code, it’s the off position. If you set both CTCSS and DCS to 00, that will essentially turn them off. If that doesn’t work when you try it, more information would be somewhat helpful to troubleshoot the issue. You didn’t mention what you did specifically to try to get your Cobra radios to talk to your radios at work.
What are the makes and models of the radios at work? What are the makes and models of the radios your friends are using? If the radios you are using at work are business radios, your Cobra may not communicate with it, since business radios use different frequencies than your Cobra FRS radios.