Insight - Obsolete and useless are not one and the same

It’s easy to see old spec radios, typically leisure and commercial abandoned radio system stuff, as obsolete therefore useless.

Absolute BS, to put it politely.

If it’s legal to operate and you can make legal use of them without causing grief to other users, then they aren’t useless. True, keeping them in working order may be an ongoing issue, but whilst they fit your use, use them as far as they are functionally usable.

Even when the radio system is dead due to lack of current certification or the frequencies reallocated to other services and yours being non licensable, it’s potentially a great conversion or parts bin to keep more functional kit alive.

A lot of VHF/UHF affordable ham radio station kit started out as abandoned/surplus or not longer certified/condemned LMR kit. Even if you can’t reuse them as radios, they can make a great home (base and mobiles) for SBCs and suchlike - and for RF linked SBC‘s, you’ve no excuse for not exploiting the value of already having external antenna feed hardware to mod/utilise.

It ain’t dead until it’s a meltdown burny burny example of dead. Even then, experience has taught me how much you can pull from a dead radio, and it’s way more than most would credit it for.

So enjoy it whilst it lasts and you legally can :slight_smile: