Insight: Murphys Law - You'll Always Lose To It

No matter how clever you are, how inventive and resourceful and unlimited in available scope and resources to work with, when it comes to tinkering and invention and research, the ghoulish phantom better known as Murphy’s Law will be the Phantom of your opera.

And when you get into SHF, and start working with feedlines, circuit layouts, component placing and circuit trace optimisation or even as simple as an antenna design that’s wide band or equally ultra NB with gain of any kind of worth and all parts being nominally stable across the entire allocation you’re aiming for, that mad phantom will be playing demonic tunes on the pipe organ that’s your sanity and patience.

You’ll never rid yourself of it, so my advice - exploit it and see it like a chess opponent you really want to beat, but enjoy the game and treat every defeat as a reason to reassess and analyse the predicament.

You see, often the notable discoveries and breakthroughs don’t occur through the precision engineering efforts, it’s when you try to discover why your technically perfect work is truely as screwed up as your sanity, that you discover stuff and often you’d never have found it if you’d set out to discover it specifically.

It’s all about the journey, the adventure and whilst it may truely screw up your sanity to the point of being a Don Quixote chasing windmills, I know there are worst things to be.

And given how screwed up things are at the moment, maybe indulging in some windmill chasing of the mind is actually potentially healthy?

Who knows? - I’m probably the least objective candidate to decide, my sanity left the building and caught a ride at the nearest passing inter dimensional wormhole years back.

says the guy whose waiting on calculation result that would tax a 64x64 processor HPC on a mere octa-core.