Insight - Exploiting the Dead (allocation wise)

I’m referring to legal legit use of otherwise near zero occupancy allocations and those who’s interest got lost somewhere along the way.

A good example (UK at any rate) being 4m. Being located in an abandoned and reallocated former LB PMR segment, admittedly very late by the time it got released again (having formerly been used by Hams until it was land grabbed), if you wanted a cheap AM service setup, there were literally scrapyard scale stockpiles of ex-PMR AM units to mod and adapt (and were a thousand percent better than many 4m homebrew sets). But whether you use old AM kit, FM adapted ex-pmr or modern FM sets, realise the potential of a quiet but narrow allocation that like 6m has a quasi-LOS propagation and a little goes a long way.

Such as having room to cross band 6m/4m without ruffling the feathers of many, noting than many 6m ex-pmr sets started out as 4m LB surplus PMR kits, if you wanted an experimental friendly lower VHF test ground, it’s ready made heaven.

The lack of occupancy means the defined simplex frequencies are more dead than a tac-nuked receiver stage and what better place for a casual or formal radio net?

If the allocation exists still, and you can legit use it, don’t write it off because it does a morgue impression - you’ll be writing off a valuable asset that you’ll definitely lose if you add yourself to the non-interested fraternity.