I’m interested in testing a radio system for a delivery business in Australia.

We deliver many orders a night, and to increase effeciency i want to have our drivers contact us before arrival so we can pass the delivery through their car window as they drive by my business.

There’s a few concerns i came across while looking up just a simple two unit radio system to experiment with… before i buy an 8+ unit system which would suffice all my drivers for a night.

Charging: I was hoping to find a radio unit with a car cigarette lighter charger wire. If not, i need an Australian standard charger.

Australian rules and regulations: What laws would i be breaching by setting this up in a business?

Distance vs Price: Distance needs to be longer than 2km, but no further than 7km. Which brands fall within my price range, and where is the cheapest place to buy? ebay?

Longevity: I need something that can survive a lot of bumps and falls, it also needs to be waterproof.

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We carry a DC charging adapter, called a Battery Eliminator, for our BlackBox business radios. These radios are weather resistant and built to military specs, but are not submersible. They are fully programmable, so we can have them programmed to frequencies that are legal for use in Australia (you would have to tell us the frequencies). Because of the battery eliminator option, this may be the best choice for you.