Input music in radio


This might seem like an odd question. I don’t know a lot about radios and electronics so I figured I might ask people who know more than me. I don’t even know if what I want is possible.

I would like to be able to broadcast a recording (from a cd player or mp3) with a two-way radio. I figured I could just hold the talk button with the radio in front of a speaker but the quality takes quite a drop. Is there a way to plug the cd player directly in the radio? I know I will have to convert the 1/8’’ plug to fit the radio but is there something else to do? Or is it even possible with basic electronics knowledge?

I’m using a Cobra CXT420C. It’s just one plug for speaker and headset. I believe it’s an “M6 pin” but I’m really not sure.

Anyway, thanks in advance! Any tips would be useful.

This website does not support illegal activity. Note:


§ 95.183 Prohibited communications.
(a) A station operator must not communicate:
(6) Music, whistling, sound effects or material to amuse or entertain;


§ 95.193 (FRS Rule 3) Types of communications.
(a) You may use an FRS unit to conduct two-way voice communications
with another person. You may use an FRS unit to transmit one-way voice or
non-voice communications only to establish communications with another
person, send an emergency message, provide traveler assistance, provide location information, transmit a brief text message, make a voice page, or to
conduct a brief test.

Neither service is intended for ‘broadcasting’. This is, of course USA rules. I believe Canada has the same rules about broadcasting, though.

Good thing I asked before doing it then.

I’ll try to see if there is a legal possibility in Canada. Maybe “broadcast” is not the right term (sorry, english is not my first language), more like making other operators hear a brief recorded message.

Thanks for the answer anyway.