In Great Need Of Help!!

I purchased 5 Motorola GP320 radios and programming cable recently, with all radios on differnt frequences. This is when the nightmare started!!
I downloaded CPS R03.01.02_EN and manged to connect one radio to the system and saved all its details so i could copy it across to the 4 others. This worked fine with 3 of the 4, however on the one remaining radio is say:

Codeplug version number mismatch
radio codeplug version 8.x
CPS codeplug version 4.x

It will not even show me which frequcence the radio is on or i could go back and match the other that i can change to it!!
any help would be great, im not sure if i can change the codeplug or download differnt software. Im new to all this radio programing so any help would be amazing.

Hi Darren, check to make sure you are using the latest version of the programming software available for that radio. If the firmware on one radio is newer than the software it may cause an issue.

There may also be a workaround. I haven’t tried this but I’ve heard it works for other users of the GP Series. If you can pull the codeplug from the radio, change it and write it back it may resolve the issue.