Important note about radio firmware updates

Recently we were notified of an issue with a few of the newer TH-UV88 radios that were having trouble with scan not receiving. We notified TYT and they provided a firmware update within 24 hours. The TYT TH-UV88 Firmware Update was posted to our blog and should resolve the issue.

After going through some comments in the blog, I wanted to reiterate something stated in the article. Note that this firmware update only fixes the scan issue, so if you have a UV88 that doesn’t have the issue or you don’t ever use the scan options at all, you don’t need to install the update.

I understand that it’s almost second nature to want the latest version of everything in a radio, but from my own experience working in tech, the latest isn’t always the greatest thing to have.

For instance, a few weeks ago I was notified of a new firmware update for my podcast studio recorder/mixer that was supposed to add a lot of new features and long awaited enhancements. A lot of other owners of these devices immediately jumped in and updated their recorders, only to discover that it caused a lot of issues that required them to roll back to a previous firmware version to fix. The firmware wasn’t ready for distribution. Fortunately I waited. I may not have the new bells and whistles, but my recorder works fine, and that’s all I really want it to do.

This stuff happens with firmware upgradeable devices, and it is to be somewhat expected. But why be the one it happens to? My advice, for what it’s worth, is that if your radio isn’t working correctly, and there is an update available to fix it, it’s probably okay to install the update. If it wasn’t working before, and the fix doesn’t work, where’s the loss? At least you tried.

However, if your radio is working perfectly, and an update is available, my advice is to wait a bit. Search around and find out what others are saying about it. Does it work? Does it improve the radio? Is it worth the time, effort and potential risk, or not? Give it some time to be tested in the market before attempting to install it on your radio. Why be the guinea pig? Do some vetting first.

One final note, if the firmware update is provided by a third party other than the manufacturer or an authorized dealer of the radio, you will be installing it at your own risk. I would advise you to think carefully before you install it.