Important Message To All Forum Members : Please Help Me

Guys, I’m really hoping you can help here:-

I received a message on my YouTube page yesterday explaining that as of the 18th February I will not qualify to monitise my channel which I have been working hard to build up over the last two years and will have my channel demonetised. In order to qualify you need to have 4,000 hours of view time and 1,000 subscribers and the simple fact of the matter is I don?t. As of the 17th of January I have 507 Subscribers and achieved 3,682 Hours of Watch Time.

So here’s where I need your help. If you are not already a subscriber to my YouTube channel I really would appreciate your help

Please check out this video which explains more :-

If you are already a subscriber I would really appreciate you doing the same and pass on this video on to anyone you think might help.

By my calculations I need to get 493 subscribers in the next 30 days so I need 16 to 17 subscribers every day to achieve that. In terms of watch time, I?ve already racked up 3,740 hours in the last 12 months so still need to get 10 hours of watch time every day between now and the 18th of February which should be achievable to get over the 4,000 hour requirement but would also welcome you watching a few videos from this channel.

I’m also offering I?d a free giveaway to everyone who subscribes to the channel so between now and the 18th of February anyone who subscribes to this channel then hits the like button and finally adds comment below this video saying I SUBSCRIBED will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new CRT One N CB Radio which I will personally purchase and send to you absolutely free of charge.

So please remember to subscribe, Like, Comment, Watch and Share for your chance to win a FREE CB Radio!!

I?ll be posting information about the giveaway at the end of February and will contact you if you?re lucky enough to have won the prize so watch out for an update video then


I know some people have views about advertising on Youtube and I wanted to let you know that although I earn just a couple of dollars each month I?ve not yet reached the threshold where Youtube actually pays you but I really dont want to lose the opportunity to continue to grow the Channel in the hope when I do earn enough I can reuse what money I do make to improve the quality and format of the Channel in Years To Come.

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated!