If Santa had a 2 way radio

If Santa was coming your way what 2 way
radio would he be using ?
Cb radio ham radio ,gmr radio?

The Yaesu FT5DR has been on my Xmas list for a month or more - which is in front of the bride and the daughter since then. Wife scoffed at the price, told me I had “enough radios” (several CCR hams and three GMRS radios that are slated for our emergency bags). Asked my daughter to give me a plug - “Dad really wants that radio, Mom” but don’t know if she’ll do; probably will. I dropped a hint about HRO’s sale ending soon and she scoffed again. The hope is that she’s throwing me off the trail. Have a nice Yaesu 400XDR in the car, only the CCR’s for home use and they can’t hold the local repeater from indoors if I lean back in my chair. (Wanna get into HF but the amt of work and cost keep me away and yeah, I want a good radio/antenna setup, expect to drop about $3k-$4K when that time comes. So, it hasn’t.) But, and I believe this, every kid should get a toy on Christmas. Socks and underwear don’t cut it.

Hoho ho
Your new user name will
be radio man
Hope Christmas is safe
and healthy

He’d need a global sat com wouldn’t he?

Santa was good to me. Enjoying my new radio!