IDAS digital

The office just got a few UHf icf4161dt for us to test. I am totally new to icom! Initial impression in digital simplex mode was impressive. The audio is as clear,if not clearer, than a cellphone; the range is also superior to analogue radios we had.

We don’t have digital Ida’s repeaters to play/test with yet. But here are a few programming questions perhaps someone can help. In the iCom setup software, I have successfully created 3 zones, each with a few test frequencies, some in analogue, others in digital mode, and the rest with analogue repeater settings. Everything works in the test environment. What’s the best way to enable talking on one channel while monitoring another? For example, talking on a simplex channel while monitoring a repeater frequency or another simples frequency. Do I use the scan zone option? Do all dual watch frequencies need to be in the same zone?

In digital mode, I have not experimented with the RAN digital squelch settings yet. Any advice? I’m using old DCS for now but when RAN is enabled there are so many settings that I’m not familiar with.

Also in digital mode, how does the voice encryption work? In the scrambler column, there are three settings (UT:/INV:/other) I know these don’t have the UT10x installed so do I pick INV here? How about the column for the codes?
It’s my understanding that Inversion operates only in analogue setting, so How do I ensure that the digital rolling code encryption is optimized?

And for setting up the DTMF, which tab do I go? For now I’m just testing these in simplex mode but this advanced icom software has so many tabs :slight_smile: nevertheless I’m truly impressed, except the cost :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.