Icom vs Kenwood discontinued models-confused?

The Kenwood TK3131 is discontinued and says it can be replaced by TK3130. This also shows discontinued. The Icom F21-GM also is discontinued. What Kenwood and Icom models can be programmed to be compatible with the Kenwood TK3131?

Right now we are recommending the Kenwood TK3302.


Though I agree that the entire thing is a bit circular. I brought it up with Danny that we need to update the descriptions because they are confusing, so thanks for pointing this out! We try to keep the site straight forward and easy to use, and the 3131>3130>F21 linking is anything but.

Is there an Icom model compatible with TK3131? To me Kenwood & Icom offer the best quality in a GMRS type radio if I can find one.

We can program just about any UHF Icom to use GMRS frequencies.