Icom IC-F40GT ?

So,is this a good choice for GMRS and maybe some other frequencies too, or could money be spent more wisely on something else?
This is the cheapest I have found for a commercial grade radio.
If anyone has one I would like to know how they perform.

I have heard only good things about ICom products, unfortunately I don’t have any first hand experience with them. If anyone has one of these, I would love to hear some feedback.

Thanks for the reply, I have my eye on a different radio now and am hoping to find one at a better price than the Icom.

All my Amateur equipment is Icom. I prefer that brand. No problems. Since a lot of their ham stuff is derived from their commercial line, chances are you won’t go wrong.

Thanks for the info Re; icom, If the radio I am currently looking for doesn’t come through I will look at the icom again.