Icom IC-F4001-02-DTC Two Way Radio (UHF)

Icom IC-F4001-02-DTC Two Way Radio (UHF)
Can this be programmed for FRS/GMRS freq.? Also need to know if the pin outs are compatible with Midland 2 pin headsets?

It can be programmed to GMRS but not FRS. The headset most likely will not work.

When you program a radio like this, does it become fixed to a single channel? Or is it still able to change channels and squelch codes like a consumer GMRS radio?

You will be able to select all the GMRS channels (assuming you have at least a 15 channel radio). The Icom has 16 so no problem there. You will not have privacy codes though.

Do any of the business radios that do Gmrs also offer privacy codes?

The F4001 can do CTCSS/DCS, it’s just not possible to select them in the field, they have to be programmed in by computer along with the frequencies.

There are currently not many commercial radios that can do this. This one can be programmed to use privacy codes: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/motorola/motorola-rdx-rdu4160d.aspx

What about this one? it looks like it will do all that I want.


OK, I see that it is discontinued… makes sense. Any business probably would not want such a public channel. Any consumer is probably going to go with something cheaper.

Business radios need to be very tough. When a business purchases radios, they want to get 5-10 years or more out of them. To make them that durable, they are built much better than a consumer radio (aluminum inner frames, heavy duty components, dust resistant seals, etc…). All of this makes a very reliable and high quality radio, but at a cost.

A business also cannot use GMRS (unless it is an all family run operation). Businesses have frequencies assigned for use by the FCC, and those are either itinerant or more specialized. This means we often have to program the radios for their use. They also want better privacy, and also in turn interfere less with others (as you mentioned). They also want repeater capable radios, not many GMRS radios are repeater capable.

Most of us that need a radio for a camping trip to a state park, for use at an amusement park and such do not need mil-spec radios of commercial quality. So, consumer GMRS radios tend to be easier to produce and also lower in price.

We liked the F21GM a lot, as did many of you. The problem is in truth it was not a high enough volume product for Icom to continue producing. There are just not enough people interested in a commercial grade GMRS radio. I also think the high licensing cost of GMRS does not help this either. Once people find out the license to use a GMRS radio cost so much, they tend to want a cheaper radio to compensate.